Fools Live Longer

Fools Live Longer   by F. Myzura

Have the angels halt
the melodies that once solace
this wounded heart
of mine.
Have Grace lapsed from consciousness
the light that mourn
what once was divine.

Is that why I am dubbed
without a doubt
a fool for this undying affliction
and that this pure rectitude
of my heart’s affection
is mocked by its own reaction.

’tis was a blunder to be a fool
and if but a fool I shall always be
for let me be a fool
for fools live longer you’ll see

fault and oversighted judgements
made ceaselessly
by this blind eye called affection
shall be a guide
that will enlighten

the path of forever blissfulness
for a fool
lost in an oracle
of love and passion
and yet is a fool
without hesitation.

for in time
this fool
shall learn…
– F. Myzura UKM 98

Copyright © 1998 F. Myzura

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Falling   by F. Myzura

For when embraced in arms,
my soul perches high above to see,
what it could cease to be.
And through closed eyes
My soul drown in waters deep
yet undefined
and the bubbling blood that
beholds affection,
flow through these caverns
could be heard

though my mouth is silent.

dear one…
If it is at all unjust,
or even depraved,
to let this heart feel sanguine
and spirited,
Then let me die tomorrow.
For my life will forever be departed
from its soul,
Oh…how could one relish
with only half a heart…

I am but a harlequin,
to fall for such divine breath of life
such as you…
dear One
– F. Myzura December 98

Copyright © 1998 F. Myzura

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~ The Significant of Being Insignificant ~

~ The Significant of Being Insignificant ~
Memoirs of an Alley Cat

I am but insignificant
yet beyond yonder
benevolent hearts
speak through their mind
as if they are wise
and kind.


They say…
Poor soul.
Have you fill those roaring
empty stomach
Have you soothe those
aching paws
Why do you sigh?
Are those signs of wear
Or sadness that you can’t bare.

as may be your musing.
We’ve let life passed on
as simple as can be.

to every extend
makes fortune
rise from every bend.

The worries you whine
and moan
and go about
will make
one’s youth
within a blink
and bring
satiny to a brink

I am but insignificant
Iife for me
Is far from your complexity. 


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