Fools Live Longer

Fools Live Longer   by F. Myzura

Have the angels halt
the melodies that once solace
this wounded heart
of mine.
Have Grace lapsed from consciousness
the light that mourn
what once was divine.

Is that why I am dubbed
without a doubt
a fool for this undying affliction
and that this pure rectitude
of my heart’s affection
is mocked by its own reaction.

’tis was a blunder to be a fool
and if but a fool I shall always be
for let me be a fool
for fools live longer you’ll see

fault and oversighted judgements
made ceaselessly
by this blind eye called affection
shall be a guide
that will enlighten

the path of forever blissfulness
for a fool
lost in an oracle
of love and passion
and yet is a fool
without hesitation.

for in time
this fool
shall learn…
– F. Myzura UKM 98

Copyright © 1998 F. Myzura

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  1. Great poem – very enjoyable.
    ‘Its better to have loved and lost – than to have never loved at all’

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